BoardGames You should be asking for this season

Fallout4, Tomb Raider!, HALOSSSSSSSSSSSSS. There is an over abundance of amazing video games available right now, but lets slow it down, and talk about some board games. Lets turn back the clock a smidge, and get back to the analog greatness of wooden pieces, and rolling dice.

Favor of the Pharaoh:


I played this game for the first time the other day, and after 20 minutes of the owner going through the rules, they asked me if i understood it, to which i responded “You start with dice that you roll, to buy cards, to get more dice to roll, in order to buy more cards, to try and get as giant Yahtzee as possible.” That’s basically the gist. Lots of dice rolling to try and meet specific requirements in order to buy cards which grant you additional dice on your next turn. Incredibly simple, Very fast to get through, and once you get the hang of it this is a game you are going to play two to three times in a row in rapid succession.


TerraMystica is to Settlers of Catan, what Monopoly is to Monopoly Jr. All players get a random Civilization with special attributes, and you are all populating the game board, each Civilization can only build on a specific land type, and all players can terraform the different spots to fit their civilization, a Victory point game with 7 rounds to get the most. This is a game that has the depth that is severely lacking in Catan.

Burgle Bros:


This is a Co-op heist game. It comes with everything you need to create a three story high bank that you and three friends(1-4 players) will work together to break into, find the safes, crack em, and escape via the roof. Tons of tiles which are randomly placed each time you play, the ability to create your own scenarios, and a dynamic guard system makes this a tricky, yet very fun experience

Lords of Vegas:


You take on the role of a developer at the start of Vega’s grand expansion. Each turn you get control over a new lot, which you will then pay to build up into a casino. But watch out! One of the other players might move in on your territory and take over your casino, stealing any future victory points, and forcing you to spend money to try and get back in control. This is a very simple Dice rolling statistics game, with a fixed number of casinos based on each color, the fun starts when you realize that everything in the game is trade-able, at all times.



You and up to 8 friends are heading to the desert where you will place wagers on the greatest camel race of all time. This is a straight up gambling game where you will be placing bets on who’s going to win, which camel is going to finish the leg in first or second, Which camel is going to be dead last, and even cheating a little as you make the course easier and harder depending on what you want the outcome to be. No Camels are ever too far behind to make a miraculous comeback.

Castles of Burgandy:


A victory point game where you try to build of your lands to be the best castles in Burgundy. Players will take turns purchasing different tiles, and trying to build up their random placemat in order to gain victory points. Do you want to build up tons of livestock and get the point bonuses, or are you going to rush into building mines which will let you buy additional restricted tiles? Maybe you’ll rush your rivers to get turn priority and corner the market on shipping goods. Tons of fun to come up with different strategies.

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